Queen Anne 3 – Before & After





First, fix what is broken.

When purchased, this house had one issue that needed immediate attention – a drainage problem created when sellers hastily poured a concrete driveway to increase resale value. By doing so, they inadvertently directed rainwater, which previously found its way into the soil, into the neighbor’s yard and also into the basement.

And, while you’re at it…

As is often the case with remodeling, fixing this problem triggered other projects. The back and side yard were partially excavated in order to expose the basement foundation for waterproofing, during which we discovered that the existing underground drain lines were broken, filled with sand, and discharging water too close to the house. Since this property is surrounded by parcels on 3 sides and there is no stormwater main line in the street in front of the house, the downspouts were directed to a dry sump, located as far away from the foundation as possible.

The ground disturbance moved the landscaping projects up in priority.  After all, why spend money planting temporary grass?  This, in turn, moved the roof up in priority so that a dumpster could be placed close to the house without damaging the landscaping.  Which, of course, meant that the gutters would need to be replaced…

Hello, curb appeal.

The result is a great example of getting “big bang for the buck” by utilizing maintenance projects an opportunity to create curb appeal.  And, the money spent generated more return on investment than the sellers ever dreamed possible.


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